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What Video Game Powers Would You Like to Have?

Last week I posed this question to those who follow me on Twitter. It is about Video Game Powers.

Don’t you hate it when you have your feet propped up. You are comfortable after a hard day. Then, only to realize the TV remote is on a table? Wouldn’t it be nice to raise your hand and then the remote flies to your hand?

So here are some video game features or powers we would like in real life.

Practical Powers

Health Regeneration

I particularly find this would be great for hangovers. Last time I had a hangover I was in New York City after a bottomless Mimosa brunch. Great idea at the time, but it would have been nice if I could bounce back immediately.


This would be perfect for job interviews or when you are in trouble with your significant other. You always know when a speech check fails badly and it would be great to actually get a “Redo.”

I mean, I kind of do this in the game Fallout…

Instant Sleep

As someone who brain works a million miles per minute, I too would love the ability to just sleep like that. Would be waaay better than melatonin.

Witcher Sense

Yes, I’m always losing my wallet or glasses and Witcher sense would definitely help with that!

Physical Video Game Powers

Running and Jumping

It would be nice to be able to jump like Mario. That guy can change course mid air. Imagine if you add the cape and glide over crowds at Comic Con with that perk?

Mipha’s Grace

As long as reality doesn’t become Cuphead, you are golden!

Having an Army

Yes, I too would like an Army at my disposal. No reason… we aren’t planning world domination over here…nothing to see folks!

Star Power

Or… use it in boxing and make at least a 100+ Million knocking out Floyd Mayweather…and who wouldn’t want to see that?

One Last One

Would be nice for parents on Christmas Eve too building those damn children toy kitchen sets.

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