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X-Men Comic Panels With No Context

I love the X-Men. They were my introduction to comic books. Occassionally, I will find some comic book panels with no context posted online. I’ve covered Superman before. It it surprising that I haven’t done with my favorite mutants of all time. Let us remedy that.


Okay, this one has made the rounds but it is a classic.

Like Sauron, always aim higher!

The Beast

This is basically me when I try explaining my fandoms to people.


Hey, you’re supposed to get that checked after 4 hours, Cable!

Kitty Pryde

Man, David is on a role here…


No Wolverine! NO!

Jean Grey

50 years of X-Men in a nutshell…

5th Evolution: New Genres for Your 5E Game!

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I am not going to lie, but if this superhero thing doesn’t work out for Iceman, he has a 2nd career as a pole dancer because he is totally pulling it off.


This sounds like a typical Thursday for me.

Spider-Man vs. X-Men

Hey, I think I have read this fan fiction before…

Wolverine & Nightcrawler

My lesson to Wolverine is don’t be so close minded. After some years, sometimes you just need to spice things up.

More Cable

Cable channeling my ex-girlfriend.


Cyclops, while that is perfectly natural, normally that’s not a thing we just casually talk about with people…


Women of X-Men

Man, usually you have to pay a stranger to say that to you…

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