For We Are Many (Bobiverse Book 2)

The Details
     Author: Dennis Taylor

Narrator: Ray Porter

Producer: Audible Studios

Runtime: 8h, 58m

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama



If you thought there weren’t enough Bobs before? We Are Many focuses on, among other things, the second and third generation of Bobs (Bob, Bill, Riker and Howard to name a few). It begins with Bob’s continued study of the Deltans and becoming more entranced with, and brought into, the Deltan culture as the only Bob to have found sentient life. Riker continues navigating the difficult scenario on Earth with anti-space terrorists beginning to sabotage Riker’s efforts to get the remnants of Earth off-world. Howard suffers his own crisis having to mediate newcomers vying for land on a habitable world.

Yet Bob(s) is not alone in the galaxy. The bobs begin to find that planets have been ‘purged’ of life, with traces of civilization being found on multiple planets. Not only does it seem that they’ve been purged, but it looks as if the purges are on a ‘route’ near one of the target worlds for habitation. It is then, through the sacrifice of Marvin, that the Bobs are introduced to the “Others”, a space-faring species with powerful technology that seem to be on a crash course with the Bob(s).



This should have, in my honest opinion, been Book 1. It provides a balance between the growing difficulties among the Bobs and more clearly highlights their individualism vis a vis their optimum distinctiveness with Bob and their differing viewpoint on helping humanity begins to emerge in force. It provides the mystery of the Others early on making readers wonder just what is going on – and the Others can be summarized by one simple word: “Food”. You will know when you get there.

Ray Porter delivers a great read once again and carried the differing thoughts and views of the Bobs just as well as he did the last one. Better than the first installment but whether it can carry readers’ enthusiasm coming out of the first book will undoubtedly vary from reader to reader. You will like the bobiverse or you will not.


Final Scores:

Story: 3.5 of 5.

     For well-paced suspense, character development (all things considered) and introduction of strong plot. Continued technical term-use may continue to alienate readers and some Bobs not being as enthralling as others.

Narrator: 5 of 5.

Smooth listen, differing contexts per character, enthusiastic narrator.

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