Wrestling Figures That Missed the Mark

I have been a wrestling fan for about as long as I can remember. Of course, I started off with a huge collection of wrestling figures. As a kid, you don’t notice how many of these old wrestling figures do not quite exactly resemble the wrestler they are supposed to represent. Here are some I have found on my recent search through the interwebs.

Lex Luger

In all honesty, this Lex Luger actually more resembles this guy…

Man, a failed crossover between Green Goblin and Lex Luthor ended up being Green Golbin and Lex Luger.

TAKA Michinoku

Looks less like TAKA Michinoku and more like this guy…

Instead of saying this…

He could have been saying “YOU CAN DO IT!”


In fairness, this at least somewhat resembles the wrestler Typhoon. However, the facial expression looks that of a man who needs to change his life decisions. By that, he needs this more in his diet

John Cena

I could make the obligatory “I can’t see John Cena” but you actually can’t see John Cena in this picture. In fact, I see Brock Lesnar borking…

Steve Austin

This is less of the rattlesnake who says he just whipped your ass and more like this is my mom’s new boyfriend, Steve.

CM Punk

Hey I know Billy Ray Cyrus when I see him!

Dolph Ziggler

Hey! That isn’t Dolph Ziggler. That is this guy…

Not that I or any of my readers will know who that guy is. (Whistling)

NEXT: Some more interesting wrestling action figures…


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