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5 Video Game Magazine Advertisements That Go A Bit Too Far

This is the latest entry in the series of retro video game magazine advertisements. However, quite honestly, while those were..uhh.. interesting, I think these may have just gone a bit too far in my opinion.

Atari Ad

I don’t think you need me to tell you why this goes a bit too far. Besides the INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS, I do have another bone to pick here that just seems really flawed…

You mean to tell me that a man who can make the most beautiful music without even seeing his instrument thinks the basic sounds of one of the most primitive video game consoles is more fun?

Dreamcast Ad

NOT THE PUPPER! Rex is a good boi. You are doing him a frighten. Leave the doggo alone.

How about we sell the shitty dad first? Leave the mom, kid, and doggo with the Dreamcast. That’s a much better trade off plus Crazy Taxi.

Freedom Shock 2 Wireless Controller

This one I leave to Keggerade. You can follow him on Twitter here.

“You know, this may also be an organ harvesting. In fairness though, the doctor also looks quite surprised he pulled out a controller.

The machine isn’t hooked up to him and the MRIs are of his upper chest, which they wouldn’t use for pregnancy. The longer you look the more of a hot mess it becomes.

My conclusion, he isn’t a real doctor, but probably doesn’t care if you don’t have insurance.”


Super VGA Computer

This next one was sent in by Princess Kitty Mew Mew aka Mrs. Geek With That. You can follow her on Twitter here.

I saw “Free With Computer Purchase” and at first I was disappointed that it just came with a lady in a thong. However… HOLY SHIT! IT COMES WITH A FREE USER’S GUIDE! You mean I get a manual?! And Printer paper?! SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!


Yeah, that is how video games work. Each level gets more difficult and intense. Why did this go too far?

(My friend whispers the explanation into my ear)

OOOOOHHHH… well, if I do that enough I may end up being in my own Atari ad is all I’m saying…

NEXT: More weird video game retro magazine ads and covers…

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