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Most Ambitious Crossover Event In History: Godzilla vs. Barkley

Some corporate goons like to argue that The Avengers: Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover in history. WRONG! I can’t stress how wrong that is. Ladies and gentlemen, in my search, I found the real crossover we had always wanted. Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley…

The Story

The story is amazing because of its simplicity. Godzilla has risen once again. The people on the beach learn from a guy’s dire warning…

You don’t know who Godzilla is? HOW DARE YOU SIR!

So the child sets out to save the world, and he does this by meeting the one man who can save us. No, it isn’t Batman. Why it is none other than NBA Legend and former Taco Bell spokesman, Sir Charles Barkley.

It just so happens that this child carries a lucky coin. When he hands it to Charles, he grows to 300 feet tall, which no one at any point questions why or how. However, it works out because Godzilla has made his way to land.

Then Charles does the one thing that nobody would have ever thought of…


Hell yeah! This is genius! The best part, instead of Godzilla saying “Fuck off mate,” he accepts the challenge because not even Godzilla can resist a game of hoops with an NBA Legend?

Naturally, Barkely wins, and somehow, this causes Godzilla to leave the island. Hell, next time a threat comes to this world, our world leaders should just have a showdown on the basketball court. It is a lot less destructive.

The Best Panels

No Context

Way to be forward, Sir Charles Barkley…

surprised oh my GIF

You Suitcase Looking Sucker

Possibly a greater showdown than a Batman vs. Superman battle…

Godzilla Dunking On Those Fools

Okay, not going to lie, Godzilla has some sweet ass moves on the court.


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