Wrestling Shirts You Probably Wouldn’t Wear in Public

Going to a wrestling event is a lot like going to a rock concert with your favorite band. Like at any rock concert, if you can spare 40, you want a shirt supporting your favorite guy. While there has been many classics over the years like Austin 3:!6, the Cactus Jack Wanted shirt, Hulkamania, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the 9000 John Cena shirts that somehow still sell over and over again, there’s been many wrestling shirts that I personally would not be seen in public.

Bobby Roode – Generation Shirt or something

Not that I’m well versed on the subject, but to me, this would seem like a graphic designer’s nightmare. (Anyone care to chime in?) It is just an assault on the eyes. I’m pretty sure there is something about fish in there, but quite honestly, I haven’t been bothered to read all of the text on there, and neither have you.

Jeff Jarrett – “Ain’t I Great!” “NOT!”

I actually remember this shirt being shilled by Todd Pettingill in 1995, which the expression “NOT!” had already basically ran its course even then. Anyone who is not a wrestling fan in 1995 thinks you’re basically dissing your self instead of Jeff Jarrett. Also, your money would be better spent on a wrestler you like. The only way I would spend 30 dollars to proclaim I hate somebody or something is if it they slept with my wife.

Goldberg – Uhhhhh…

If you don’t immediately get the joke, maybe this gif will explain it better.

Jeff Hardy – WTF

“Ask Me About My Creature….”

Maybe… maybe… don’t ask about that. Yeah, please don’t.

Also, I’m sorry, but the pull the shirt over your head for Jeff Hardy’s face is both the dumbest and most brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.

To be fair, having a nice pleasant conversation and then randomly pulling my t-shirt over my head and start screaming for absolutely no reason is something I would totally do. The spirit of a classic Jim Carrey movie lives within me.

Ken Anderson – Not Even Sure What That is On His Shirt…


Yeah, I’m not entirely sure what that is on shirt. Maybe it is an X-Ray. I may have gotten a C+ in anatomy but I’m pretty sure that’s not anatomically accurate. Maybe its a vest? I DON’T KNOW! WHAT IS THAT?!

Also the back of the shirt says “Pro Wrestling is Real.”

It is real in the sense that it exists. It is real in the sense that there is a high chance of injury. They walk away from every match incredibly sore the next day. Having said that, it is also like any other TV or theater program, and I’m totally ok with that. I watch it as art, not as a competitive sport.

Rikishi – Back it Up

Okay, I kind of want this shirt. I would wear it to weddings, church, my in-laws, fine dining restaurants, and when meeting Sofia Vergara from TV’s Modern Family.

Scotty 2 Hotty – The Worm

Nobody likes unsolicited dick pics. Imagine trying to advertise flashing it in person instead. It would probably not go well unless you’re name is Peter North (then I’m just curious).


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