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5 Really Awkward Marvel Toys

We have covered Wrestling toys extensively, but they aren’t the only offenders of awkward designs. I love comic books and collected almost every ToyBiz X-Men action figure back in the day before I had a house fire. When you’re a kid, you really don’t care how it looks. You just want to play with The Punisher in your hands (not a euphemism). As an adult, you see some of them for what they really were. So here are some awkward Marvel toys. We also have some comments contributed by regular contributor, Keggerade. Give him a follow on the Twitters.

The Punisher (Part One)

I didn’t know the Mormon church allowed Cosplay, but apparently the guy who rang my doorbell the other week is here Cosplaying as The Punisher. Good on them!

Aunt May

Give it up Green Goblin. Your trick will not work on me!” – Keggerade

Hey, I got a nostalgic spot for the sweet old Aunt May aka everyone’s Grandmother. A bit different from the Waifu version of Aunt May from Spider-Man: Homecoming as played by Marisa Tomei (that was certainly a confusing time in many nerds’ lives who grew up with the more traditional version)

Yeah, though, seriously, this action figure is the stuff nightmares are made of folks. It is straight out of a horror movie where the villain is the elderly lady. SCREW THAT!

J Jonah Jameson

To me, this is not J Jonah Jameson. This is two 6 year old kids stacked on top of each other in a suit trying to get into an R rated movie.

Super Stealthy Wolverine

“Stealth Wolverine… for when stealth is optional in the mission.

When you have a stealth mission at 8, but need to direct traffic at 9.” – Keggerade


Jubilee looks like she is in a state of “Pistols at Dawn”-like readiness 24/7 to be honest here. She is just going around to members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants saying “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us, partnah!”

The Punisher (Part Two)

He’s going to thrust his punishment all over the bad guys. 50 cc’s of punishment, stat!” – Keggerade

You can say this was an oversight, but there is just no way this was an oversight. Either a toy maker has some a Punisher fantasy or literally the most innoncent person on planet Earth designed this.

Also, here is one of my favorite KISS songs to go with this…

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