When it comes to Mantaur, Leave the Memories Alone

There’s been some very laughable wrestling characters in the history of wrestling. However, this one that quite often gets referenced, especially by the legendary Mick Foley. We are talking about Mantaur.

Who is this Amazing Man known as Mantaur?

I looked at the opening paragraph of WikiPedia and it had this to say:

“On the January 7, 1995 episode of Superstars of Wrestling, Halac debuted in the World Wrestling Federation as Mantaur, defeating Walter Slow. The Mantaur character was that of a Minotaur who charged, trampled and mooed at opponents. Soon after debuting, he acquired Jim Cornette as his manager.”

Hell yeah, he mooed! This was straight up Mystery Science Theater shit that should have lasted. Here is his debut:

Now, here is a match that had an incident that basically cost Mantaur what would have been a peak run in the WWE.

At 3:30 seconds or so, Razor slaps the shit out of him for being too stiff with his shoves. Uh oh, bye bye Mantaur!

I mean, he hung around for a few months, but mostly as a Jobber to the Stars. I really wanted to hear more mooing.

Mantaur Lives!

Yes, our friend is still wrestling with this gimmick. Fear not my friends. In fact, here is him working a match against “El Matador” Tito Santana… a gimmick that will probably be featured in a future edition of GimmickSlam.

Here is the epic video description:

“WWE Dream match! The massive Mantaur (aka Bruiser Mastino in ECW) goes to war against “El Matador” Tito Santana! This is the 1st and only time these two have ever squared off in the ring. Mantaur is known as one of the outlandish and ridiculous gimmicks of the New Generation in WWF. Come on it was the 90s…Tito Santana is a near 40 year veteran of pro wrestling. He was one of the greatest Intercontinental champions of all time as well as a key cog in the bridge between he Rock n Wrestling era and the New Generation. Now sit back and enjoy as the beastly Mantaur and El Matador goes at it in Pro Wrestling Syndicate!”

Apparently, this is a dream match in the eyes of the person who posted the video. Sure, some always hoped for a Hulk Hogan vs. Steve Austin, or a Steve Austin vs. CM Punk match… but here’s the real dream right here.

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