Being #PositivelyGeek With a Guinness World Record Holder

Viewing the comment section will usually make sure you have a bad time. There’s just a lot of toxicity going around. While there’s not much I can personally do to stop such a thing, I have built this blog on the platform of “Power of Positivity.” I have introduced a new hashtag called #PositivelyGeek which will be all about spreading the love and positivity around all things geek and the world in general.

Take for example, take this great post on Wizard World’s Facebook…

I think that’s pretty awesome, to be honest. After a hard day at work, I struggle to even do two socks, and my bro, David Rush, did 39 in a minute.

So let us take a look at the comments

  1. You’re just jealous.
  2. Lame. Also, it may be men he likes. This is 2018. Get with the times.
  4. I once paid my best friend a dollar to shout out “I LAMINATED MY TESTICLES” in a crowded bar. Some would argue that was a waste of money. To me, it was the best dollar I ever spent. It is all perspective, my friend.

The Power of PositivelyGeek

So, seeing as David Rush saw his life long dream of getting a world record get roasted by freaking Facebook, I decided to spread the love for him through the community of my Twitter followers…

Take a look at some of these responses…

Yes, he is indeed a legend. I mean, and I did the calculation on this, that is 1 sock per 1.23 seconds. I don’t have those kind of cat like reflexes.

Will also note, that CrunchyKong was the first recipient of the PositivelyGeek Award and runs an excellent stream called “Things and Stuff” on Saturdays on Twitch.

If I had the reflexes and agility, I totally would too Mortis.

Yes, Chase, I could have thought of a quote no better than the inspiration that came last April from WWE’s Daniel Bryan.

In Conclusion

While yes, you could argue that a record for most socks removed in a minute is pointless or even absurd. I don’t even think David Rush would argue with you on that point. However, it is a thing called harmless fun. As long no one was abused or hurt, let David bask in the glory that is the World Sock Record.

In the meantime, we need him to meet WWE Hall of Famer and New York Time’s Best Selling Author, Mick Foley, the creator of Mr. Socko and hook him up.

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