5 Greatest Wrestling Theme Songs As Performed by Wrestlers

Wrestling is weird. Sometimes a wrestler will sing his or her own theme song. Name one other sport that does that. Not only that, but most of the ones that are sang by wrestlers themselves are completely bonkers. While they may be mad, I still freaking love them because of that reason. Here are 5 Greatest Wrestling Theme Songs As Performed by Wrestlers.

5. The Mountie

Jacques Rougeau is a freaking legend. Former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion in WWE, both under two different gimmicks. His run as The Mountie is full of comedy (some of which would not fly in 2018), but it is a classic.

The year 1992 wasn’t a particular good one for The Mountie aside from his 2 day run as Intercontinental Champion. However, he was bestowed upon one of the single greatest and cheesiest theme songs in the history of Professional Wrestling. Take a listen and read these amazing lyrics…

I’m the Mountie!
I’m Handsome!
I’m Brave!
I’m Strong!
I’m the Mountie!
And I enforce the Law!
You can try to run!
But you can never hide!
The Mountie always gets his man!

4. The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers

More of Jacques Rougeau! Him and Raymond Rougeau had an interesting run as The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers. The gimmick of them being French-Canadians who are posing as Americans was very much a product of its time in the 80s, but their theme song is still crazy…

“The Rougeaus are on their way

Don’t call us pretty boys
We’re not a musclehead
We hate that long-haired look
We like the preppie look instead

We’re all-American boys
All-American boys
We’re all-American boys
All-American boys”

3. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase

Okay, here is one guy on this list who should have a proper run as WWE World Champion. The Million Dollar Man will always be one of the greatest ring generals and characters to ever grace the WWE. His theme song was mad. A hilarious spoken word along with an evil chorus harmonizing “MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEEEEE-E-EEY!”

Just great stuff.

2. Honky Tonk Man

The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time. The Honky Tonk Man is the man that initially defined what being the Intercontinental Champion meant. While much of that is lost in time, he is one of the greats. Much like a product of 80s wrestling, he had a rip roaring theme song. (Less said about his run as Rhythm N Blue “Honka Honka Love” the better). You have to listen to this.

“I got long sideburns and my hair slicked back
I’m coming to your town in my pink Cadillac

I’m just a Honky Tonk Man
(He’s a Honky Tonk Man)
I’m just a Honky Tonk Man
I’m cool I’m cocky I’m bad”

1. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

The only theme from the 90s on the list, and this one went from 1993 to all the way to 2010. I remember at his retirement match at Wrestlemania 26, we were all watching. My friend JP said “Never has a theme song become so ironic.”
It is true, he may not have been “A sexy boy” by the end of his
I think I’m cute.
I know I’m sexy.
I got the looks.
That drives the girls wild.I got the moves.
That really move them.
I send chills.
Up and down their spine.Chorus:
I’m just a sexy boy. (sexy boy)
I’m not your boy toy. (boy toy)
I’m just a sexy boy. (sexy boy)
I’m not your boy toy. (boy toy)

I make them hot.
I make them shiver.
Their knees get weak.
Whenever I’m around.

They see me walk.
They hear me talk.
I make them feel.
Like they’re on Cloud nine.

I’m just a sexy boy. (sexy boy)
I’m not your boy toy. (boy toy)
I’m just a sexy boy. (sexy boy)
I’m not your boy toy. (boy toy)

Eat your heart out girls.
Hands off the merchandise.

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