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Going Crazy For Comic Panels Out of Context

It has been a busy month here for the Geek, but I pulled through and I am making sure we still get this month’s installment of Comic Book Panels Out of Context. There is a lot of Spider-Man in this one. However, according to the box office, you can never get enough Spider-Man reboots as it is. There is him and more of our favorite caped heroes in this edition.

The Beast: College Years

Beast, I’m pretty sure that’s how a lot of young ladies trying to pay for that Nurse degree feel too. There’s no shame in doing what you have to do.


Some Feel This Way

As long as it is not unsolicited, then it is okay…

Face the Facts…

Fun Fact: This is Betty & Veronica from an actual Archie comic.

Other Fun Fact: You don’t have to dig through Archie’s massive archives to find similar Betty & Veronica fan art. Probably a boat load.

Speaking of Dicks…

Hey, Superman has to figure out to pay the bills somehow… so he’s gotta be a Clark Kent in the sheets, capitalist on the streets…

You Keep Saying That Word

It really important to discuss what is okay and what is not beforehand. Communication is key.

The Adult Sequel to Follow That Bird

Okay, I am not going to make fun of this. Why? Because to be totally honest, I would do the same thing with a Spider-Tracer, only on a burrito.

Don’t Panic Spider-Man

This was totally me when I hit puberty and those damn teenage hormones hit me like a freaking freight train…

My Aesthetic in the Kitchen

Oh no! Not Aunt May’s Famous Casserole!



Honestly, this panel has me like…

arrested development crying GIF by HULU

The Bear Necessities

SMOKY! That is not how you prevent forest fires!


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