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5 Video Games That Need Remade / Overhauled

With a lot of remakes and remasters dominating the video game market these days, a lot of them tend to go either way. You can get something amazing like the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy or Shadow of the Colossus. On the other than hand, one generation ports of games like Batman Arkham to PS4 / Xbox One that just seems unnecessary.

Well, this blog is going to pick 5 games that get the Crash Bandicoot overhaul treatment. Just completely rebuilt from the ground up but maintaining what made the original so great. What game do you think should be remade? Let me know on social media or the comments.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

The whole Legacy of Kain series is held in high regards to this day. Probably the most celebrated title in the series is the first Soul Reaver. However, that game, like many PS1 games, plays a little rough around the edges today. It would be nice if this game could get some modern graphics and controls (with options for modern or classic controls for sadists). I think this would be a much celebrated and welcome addition.

Elder Scrolls: Morrowind

This game plays fine on a PC with keyboard and mouse. It also plays really well on Xbox One X. However, the game is just in badly need of a polish update. The PC version needs more controller options. While I give a lot of credit to the mod community for putting in countless hours into updating every aspect of this game. the engine still shows its age. Bethesda can update the graphics, the UI, controls, and add more to the game if they so desire. Plus, rerelease the game for modern consoles with mod support would also be a welcome addition.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The original Bioware version of Knights of the Old Republic game is a celebrated game both on Xbox and PC. However, it controls a little rough to newbies on both console and PC. It would be nice if they could give this game the polish, UI update, and the modern controls and combat it needs while maintaining the spirit of the original.

A Proper Goldeneye 007

Goldeneye was one of the most celebrated video games of all time. However, revisiting it, it just didn’t age well. The controls are rough and the framerate and point of view can those prone to motion sickness, well… sick.

We could finally get it properly fixed. No, I’m not talking about Activision’s half attempted reimagining with Daniel Craig. I am talking about a total overhaul with Pierce Brosnan (or maybe you pick one of the 6 James Bonds???). With the exact original campaign, online multiplayer, and add tons of great content. Maybe even add rookie difficulty with regenerating health for newbies and original hardcore mode for the old school individuals.

Super Mario 64

Here me out on this one. Super Mario 64 is often hailed as the perfect game. At the time, it damn near was. There is just solely one criticism that I felt was very fair about the game. The camera was just a bit wonky.

So imagine this. You take the great Super Mario 64 and put it in the Super Mario Odyssey engine. Take the original levels and everything that made the original great, and add the beauty of Super Mario Odyssey along with, finally… a fixed camera. To take it one step further, they could do what they did with Super Mario All-Stars did with the original trilogy and also include Super Mario Sunshine.

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