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Why the Dreamcast Was Loved

Many years ago, I had my first Sega Dreamcast. I loved it. I never got rid of it. It wasn’t natural disaster struck my hometown that I lost it. A couple years later, and I was back in business with all of the Dreamcast games I had originally played. Even better is that released an HDMI option for it.

So it dawned on me, why was the Dreamcast one of my favorite video game consoles of all time. I couldn’t quite put it into words. Instead, I reached out to my followers on Twitter to see if they could help me sum up what was great about it.

“Ahead Of Its Time”

Well, it was the first home console with built in online gaming. Even till this day, through the power of sheer wizardry, people have figured out a way to get the Dreamcast online via broadband connection. They are still playing online games such as Phantasy Star Online every week with a thriving community of Dreamcast gamers.

Another aspect was the memory card aka the “VMU.” It was, in a way, the first second screen experience that we are fairly accustomed to now thanks to the rising popularity of smart phones. You could even play a few mini games on the VMU, which was definitely neat.

It also was the first game with a progressive scan feature thanks to VGA output. You can get special VGA output cords and get a better picture on more modern TVs. That is how the HDMI cord works for it. Unfortunately, it only works with about 96% of the library. Most of the games that don’t work though aren’t exclusives.

Amazing and Unique Exclusives

I mean, has there ever truly been games like Power Stone and Cannon Spike ever released since then? To play them on a home console, legally, the only way to play them is on the Dreamcast. Not to mention, that there were some interesting gimmick games like Typing of the Dead, which is not available for any other console, and that version isn’t even for any computer. It is just the Dreamcast.

There was even a game which I have been told is really strange. “Seaman” For better or worse, people still talk about this strange game.

Best Versions of Non Exclusives

There is a reason why a game such as Marvel vs. Capcom 2, which is also available for PS2, Xbox OG, and if you were lucky, you grabbed it for Xbox 360 and PS3 still goes for $50 on eBay. The reason why that is because it is the best version of that game. What a game that was.

Another non-exclusives that just plays fantastic on the Dreamcast is NFL Blitz. If you like arcade sports games, this is one of the greatest series of all time and it plays best on Dreamcast.

I would also argue that King of Fighters 98 and many Capcom and SNK Fighters easily have the best version on the Dreamcast. Was it the controller? Was it the fast loading times? Who knows. They just played well, period.

In Conclusion and Other Points

In conclusion, there was just nothing else quite like the Dreamcast. It was the last video game console to try do one thing and one thing only, just play video games. In the end, that is what it is really all about.

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