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They’re Back! Comics Out of Context

Well, work life has been crazy for myself, and I haven’t had much of a chance to sit down and write blogs all summer. Finally, deadlines have been met and we are going to get back to it. This is me dipping my toe in the water to see it is warm with a new edition of a fun and simple series on… Comic Book Panels Out of Context!

Question of the Day

That’s the question I ask when I see Bowsette cosplay and art.

Dating Life

Really, the lady’s look in the lower left hand corner says everything that needs to be said…

Stamina is Important

Those are certainly some bragging rights…

Typical Every Day Issues

Maybe he could just take up playing board games, I know of one…

Captain Obvious is Obvious

Me when experimenting a new sex position…


When you get a Victory Royale in Fortnite…

Ohhh Myyy…

It appears as if Robin knows how to party.


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