Oh my! Creepy Toys

It is October and, if you’re like me, you celebrate Halloween basically all month! So what better way to celebrate right here on GeekWithThat.com than Toys marketed towards kids that were a serious miss. These toys might actually give you some real legitimate nightmares at any age.

Dentist Toys – Specifically this Monkey…

A fun Google that will help you sleep well at night is “Dentist toys.” You will find loads of toys that should haunt your nightmares for years to come. For instance, here is this monkey complete with a toothbrush I imagine this monkey would turn the toothbrush into a damn shiv. Now you gotta shiv wielding ninja monkey with a perfect set of teeth. HOLY CRAP PEOPLE!

Just look at this!

Blippy in a Box

So a team of designers looked at each other and thought “Hey! How can we one up the insanity of the classic Jack in a Box?” Then some deranged lunatic on the team came up with this abomination. Thus, folks, that is the story, as I picture in my head, of Blippy in a Box.

Shave the Baby

You can’t come up with a toy called “Shave the Baby” without expecting at least one or two follow-up questions.

I believe whoever designed this thought “You know what, I am going to let kids lives out their wildest fantasies with this awesome toy. And believe me, I know kids well! Its either this or a savings bond!”

Face Bank

Parents, it time to challenge your kids to put their money with their mouth is.

Seriously, I think I once had something like this make an appearance in my nightmares. Who thought this was a good idea?

Skinny Bones

Quite possibly the most literal Italian mobster name there is, he’s Skinny Bones! Seriously, this toy does seem mildly insensitive when you think about it for more than 10 seconds.

What is even fun about this? Also, why are adults that grew up with toys like these even remotely criticizing things like Fortnite? Help me understand that. As you see, I have many questions…

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  1. God that Shaving Doll ??? and it had to be Red HEAD boy. Ouuuhh shivering horror.

    I had seen the Skinny bone one before, and I think there is a complete family of them. Also, I utterly think that the girl on the package is even more Scarier than the toy lol

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