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4 Video Games With Songs So Odd, They’re Iconic…

We as gamers often talk about the best video game music. This can be whether it it is from Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Doom, Zelda, and many more iconic songs. This has been covered on this blog in the past too. What I want to cover here is the music in games that are sometimes bad and definitely odd, that they are iconic for that very reason.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Wants To Take You For a Ride

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has been out for almost 20 years now, and unknowingly, it created the unofficial theme of the corporation we know today as Uber. That is song from the Character Select screen… “Take You For a Ride.”

Such complex lyrics to this song. Can anyone decipher the song’s meaning?

Listen, it isn’t that the soundtrack is technically bad, persay. It just the juxtaposition between the adrenaline fueled 3 on 3 combat and the soundtrack is just weird. This is not the music one would generally imagine when they witness a fight between between caped heroes and street fighters. It just doesn’t add up.

That isn’t really the only odd song on the soundtrack too. Here is a common song you will hear during a fight…

Great game. Even if the soundtrack doesn’t fit the tone of the game in way shape or form, it is somehow amazing and iconic because of that.

Yoshi’s Story is Infuriatingly Cute

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island was a great game. Even if the crying Baby Mario induced panic attacks in pretty much all of its players, speaking genrally that is.

So what did they do with the sequel, Yoshi’s Story? Well, there was some good news, they removed the baby. Thank goodness

However, we, the gamers, were treated to songs like the opening theme song…

Now, some might find that I may be too much of a “Grump” to enjoy the sugary sweet cuteness that is the soundtrack to Yoshi’s Story. That may be true.

The opening theme did induce this reaction out of me:

Believe me, I will in no way criticize you if that kind of music is your jam. You do you, my friend. I need something, let me say, not so syrupy sweet.

Resident Evil: Directors Cut: Dual Shock Edition Basement Theme is… Interesting

For whatever reason, they made some small changes in the Dual Shock Edition of Resident Evil Director’s Cut (the third edition of that game) that weren’t just exclusively to the controller rumble feature.

What exactly did they change? Well, for one, the basement theme…

In the immortal words of Barry Burton, “WHAT IS THIS?!”

Honestly, this song answers the question of what would Charlie Brown’s parents had sounded like when they conceived him. You know, because we all wanted to know the answer to that riddle.

The Donkey Kong 64 Rap… Nuff Said..

Donkey Kong 64 definitely is a polarizing game. Some absolutely love it. Some absolutely hate it. The one part that is also equally polarizing is this opening song from the game, The DK Rap…

The vibe that this is song is basically the equivalent of what happens when your middle aged teachers in middle school decide to put on a “hip show” for the students.

As a youngin’, you just want to hide your face and scream “MAKE IT STOP!!!!!”

What do you think?

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