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Sweet Video Game Merchandise You Know You Want

With the boom of video game merchandise thanks to websites such as, it is easy for one to have a negative attitude about it all. After all, one must ask some questions. Do I need this stuff? Definitely not. Is this stuff absurd? Probably. Is it secretly genius? Definitely. Here are some examples of sweet video game merchandise some would probably hate on, but you know you secretly want it.

Piranha Plant Hat

One of the most infamous enemies in Super Mario Bros history is the piranha plant. They come out of pipes and will try to chomp your butt!

Someone saw this and thought “PERFECT HAT!” They weren’t kidding either, just take look and bask in the awesomeness that is this sexy model wearing it…

I would love the hat, but I don’t think I could pull off the kind of swagger that this guy has, if I am being truthful.

Resident Evil 4 Aftershave from “The Leon Collection”

I already know what you’re going to say, “Geek, how can a fragrance be associated with a franchise known for zombies, disease, and mutating viruses?”

I get what you are saying. I really do. However, look at the protagonist of Resident Evil 4, Mr. Leon Kennedy…

You see, this fragrance is from the “Leon Collection” and Leon is one sexy beast. Bask in that mans’ glory, my friend. You know that is a dude that smells wonderful. You know, personally, you want to smell like the guy saved the President’s daughter with just a pistol and a few herbs & spices.

Angry Birds Bra

Now you’re saying, “What self respecting person would wear this?”

I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t wear this contraption? Come on… who doesn’t want faces of weird animals on their boobs? You can make them talk and have yourself a whole damn puppet show for yourself and possibly others (depends on how open of a person you are, but hey, no judging here either way).

Not only that, but you could theoretically use the Angry Birds Bra to play real life Angry Birds!

After all, the bra could be used as a slingshot. So meta, eh?

Assassin’s Creed Robe

This is perfect for when you have to assassinate the Pope at 7pm, but still want to get home in bed to read the latest Nicholas Sparks novel. I mean, you have to be at work in the morning, and those TPS Reports aren’t going to do themselves! Better get yourself a good sleep going on.

Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Wine Glass

Now in 2001, Sega commemorated the 10th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog with a Crystal Wine glass…

Now, I know you’re saying “Geek, isn’t Sonic the Hedgehog a kids game?”

I respond with, “are you familiar with the Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Art Community?” If not, here are a few samples…

Hey, like Planet Fitness, is a judgment free zone. Just saying, Perhaps a nice Merlot in your commemorative Sonic the Hedgehog wine glass pairs perfectly with those light nights scouring the web for Sonic the Hedgehog art.

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