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Best WCW Theme Songs

The legacy of WCW lives on till this day. While Vince McMahon and managements wants you to think it was completely awful, truth is, there was a lot of good times in WCW. For instance, let us talk about some of their entrance themes.

Granted, there were some awful ones like The American Males, “Man Called Sting” and so many more. However, on the flip side, there were some brilliant entrance theme songs that live on till this very day.

5. Ric Flair

Technically it is originally from the film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, when you hear that theme song in a wrestling arena, you know everything is about to go get turned up to an 11.

4. Booker T / Harlem Heat

I remember in the mid 90s when Booker T went solo from Harlem Heat. That was when I, as a fan, was beginning to take notice of how talented he was. Booker T was consistently delivering entertaining matches at the time. His upbeat and motivated theme song was the cherry on the icing in delivering entertaining segments on Monday Nitro.

The theme song complimented his in ring style and his character for years to come.  It was so perfect, when WWE bought WCW, they kept Booker T and his theme song pretty much intact.

3. Goldberg

Here’s the thing, I was never a fan of Goldberg. It is true. However, the one thing they did get right about this guy was his entrance, including his absolutely epic music. It makes you feel like this guy is going to march into battle. Everything else after the bell rang was hit or miss, but this song sold everyone on him.

2. nWo

When Hulk Hogan turned on WCW and formed the nWo with The Outsiders, this changed the landscape of the Monday Night Wars in wrestling. Sure, there may have been about 10,000 nWo members by the end of their run in WCW, but they all looked really cool (for the mid 90s) especially with that theme song playing them down.

The Undisputed Era in NXT’s current “Shock the System” theme seems to be a less porny inspired version of the nWo theme song.

1. Four Horseman

It may have been used in the final days of the Four Horsemen, when their lineup wasn’t exactly at its best, but damn if that theme song wasn’t awesome. Quite frankly, the first major stable of professional wrestling only deserves the best.

Honestly, they should use it whenever WWE decides to finally pull the trigger on the Four Horsewomen of WWE. It is that damn good.

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