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“The Best” Wrestling Merchandise January 2018

The Wrestling merchandise column returns to in a new monthly format. Along with your submissions, I also scour the internet for what is truly odd, bad, or interesting wrestling merchandise. I’ve done action figures, shirts, and everything else.

Sting’s Seizure Inducing Hat

I am not going to lie to you people, I would totally wear the shit out of this hat. (Adds to Amazon Wishlist)

The Road Dogg Jesse James Plush Dog

D-Generation X was marketed to teen males, and naturally all male teen edgelords would love a green plush dog. They would have it next to them while sniping me in Call of Duty and then telling me they had relations with my mother… again.

Honestly, this plush dog is a few steps away from becoming this guy.

Where’s Poochie?

The Nerd-O-Meter Shirt

This shirt was produced in 2017 for Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. WWE apparently still hadn’t t received the memo that the Nerds and Geeks of the world took those words and reclaimed them as badges of honor, rather than as insults.

Plus, the opposite of Nerd is “GB4-LIFE” which means “Good Brother 4 Life.” That phrasing seems questionable at best. Has WWE marketing department ever heard of or even bloody Google?

The Dean Ambrose Ambulance

What do you get when you combine Dean Ambrose and an Ambulance? You get Dean Ambulance!

Seriously, WTF WWE

Bork Laser

It is Brock Lesnar in what I can only assume is his true form when he is not on camera.

100% Accurate. Instant Buy for those who like nightmare fuel!

What the hell is this T-Shirt?

This is supposed to be for Team Hell No which was Kane and Daniel Bryan. However, the mashup just looks really awkward as heck. Seriously, who thought of this shirt? Who would wear this?

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