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Memorable and Weird Video Game Magazine Advertisements January 2019

This is the latest entry in the series of retro video game magazine advertisements. Some are weird. Most are memorable, albeit, not always for the right reasons if I must say.

Sega Genesis 32X is Faster

While the Genesis here demands “more” it certainly didn’t get many 32X games. Oh myyy…


I remember the video game Ballz. It was a really really weird game. It may actually be weirder than the phrase “I’m sucking sidewalk” in this weird advertisement.

Questionable Advertising

I really want to go out on a limb and say that an image of Hitler is not what you want associated with your video game. However, maybe I’m just that guy…

Cheap Shot

I take it Sega does not care if they reach the colorblind less than 12 IQ demographic

Tomb Raider

If you want an idea on how Lara Croft was perceived in the beginning, look no further than this ad!

Don’t Stop Believing!

Oh man, Journey had a video game. Are you hot enough to play with them?

Well you know who was hot enough to play with Journey. My father “Steve Perry” (pictured below)

What could this be implying?

Thank you Sega and video game advertisements for ruining FrankenSega for me man!


And the winner of this contest, hands down is Crash Bandicoot, that big piece of manmeat he is…

If you get bored, read the last edition from back in July.


  • Vanilla Bizcotti

    It’s funny, I was just talking about the game Ballz a few days ago and listening to the intro song. It’s a perfect mix of trash and perfection.

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