MegaDrive Monday: Skitchin’

The Sega Genesis, or as it is called outside of North America, the Sega Megadrive, was the second home video console I had ever had owned. Many ask about the great bit wars of the early 1990s, who won between Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Entertainment System? To me, the answer is simple… The Gamers won. Both consoles had great and rather unique libraries of games.

Take for instance, this game by Electronic Arts (way before they had lost their mind) called Skitchin.

This was a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive exclusive and possibly the only game of its kind. You raise on roller blades, hitch to the back of cars (or “skitch”), and engage in combat with other skaters on the race to the finish line. In some ways it is quite similar to Road Rash, but there’s enough here to make it its own game.

Your Memories

I posted about Skitchin on social media, and received plenty of comments, including from a few commenters who have actually engaged in the activity of Skitchin. (Be sure to follow @GeekWithThat on Twitter to join the conversation!)

“Lived to tell tale” is probably the most telling thing. I think the activity would definitely be an adrenaline fueled fun ride at least!

There is more confirmation that this was not made up for the game. Seems crazy to me but I can’t lie and say that I wouldn’t even be the least bit curious about how it goes.

Road Rash plays similar to Skitchin and it is sad that the series does not live on today at the moment.

How could you not?

Yes, everything about this game screams “1990s,” but in a good albeit somewhat ironic way.

Skitchin’s Legacy

This was unfortunately the only game in the series. Road Rash, the motorcycle one, did go on for awhile but it the series is also dead (but its spirit lives on in Road Redemption).

I am going to say that this is a product on the 1990s, particularly the edgy “Extreme Sports” side of it that was really popular in that day. Maybe if the activity of Skitchin becomes an Olympic Event things would be different.

Either way, if you want a unique game on the Sega Genesis, or like the Road Rash/Road Redemption series, give this game a shot as well.

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  1. I love this game! I played it so much! I actually wanted to do this IRL but didn’t have the gonads for it at the time.

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