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Wildest Comic Panels Found February 2019

Here is this months’s batch of comic panels. I scour the internet for comic book panels that made me raise an eyebrow or two. A lot with no context provided, and some that are just wild no matter how you slice it.


I can best sum up my reaction to this one with this gif

rise of the guardians need an adult GIF

The Incredible Hulk

Seems like someone should investigate Bruce Banner, but maybe that is just me.


Not enough facepalms in the world for old Jon Arbuckle here, but I’ll try…

Vintage Comics

Ahhh…before the days of the smartphone, the internet, and instant messaging ruined that for basically everyone.

The Punisher

Hey, I am above Harambe jokes, just so you know. SO GOOD DAY SIR! I SAID GOOD DAY!


Whenever I experience a minor inconvenience.

Fantastic Four Villain

When your ? social media post only gets 1 like.

The Avengers

Look. The robot is ME

From This Book: The Avengers: Time Runs Out

The X-Men

When the 5th cup of coffee kicks in…

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

See, this is where you call the Winchester brothers from Supernatural for that, but I imagine Dean Winchester had this reaction upon hearing that line…

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