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Remembering Pilotwings 64 of This Nintendo 64 Thursday (NinThursday64)

The year is 1996 and we are the end of what is a hell of a run for Nintendo with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Sega and Sony have had their consoles on the market for about a year now. In comes Nintendo with their next follow up, the Nintendo 64.

I was approximately 12 years old at the time, and nobody was more excited for this revolution than me. There were two launch games in North America, Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64. Super Mario 64 is obviously one of the most acclaimed video games of all time. But what about Pilotwings 64?

This game was a sequel to the classic on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It wasn’t exactly the most popular game on the system but it wasn’t overlooked either. It was always good for a few rounds of messing around wit

How Was Pilotwings 64?

So, with this being only one of two games you could play on the Nintendo 64 on Day 1 (and for the whole next month), did it satiate the gamers need for a whole new experience?

At the time, whether it fulfilled the needs alone is debatable, but the game itself is a lot of fun. In fact, I feel there are two ways you can play Pilotwings.

  1. The totally legitimate way. You know, fly through rings, meet the objectives, get the points.
  2. Cause mischief and chaos. Intentionally crash into things. Miss targets. Try to make a hole in the mountain. Overall, if Game DVR was a thing then, my friends and I would have had a great compilation of Pilotwings 64 fails.

Also, the soundtrack was really unique. Very relaxing.

Your Memories of Pilotwings 64

I took to social media and we all discussed some of our memories of this overall memorable game.

Does anyone really know what they were doing in any of the Pilotwings, to be completely honest?

Yes, I agree with the sentiment that it was more lighthearted. I also felt this version had way more personality in it too.

The characters were certainly memory, for better or worse

Excellent memory right there. We all had a lot of fun with Pilotwings!

Pilotwings Legacy

As far as the legacy of this game and the series as a whole, there just hasn’t been that many Pilotwings games in general. The next one was Pilotwings Reosrt of the Nintendo 3DS.

Many gamers speculate that is due to this game not fitting the mold for what a big release game is. I still feel there is room in the market for a game you just want to have fun around and cause some chaos in. Does every video game need to be a 50 hour open world sprawling adventure? Not at all… sometimes you just need to relax and have some fun.

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  • Vanilla_Bizcotti

    I actually never really played Pilot Wings, so it’s a game I’ll definitely have to get for sure! I’ve heard it’s lots of fun though.

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