The Best Wrestling Fan Signs March 2019

Wrestling fans are perhaps some of the most creative with their signs. Here are a few of my favorites for this month.

Bork Lazer’s a Softie

So when you tickle Brock Lesnar, does he also let out a pterodactyl shriek? (see video below)

Bret Hitman Fart

Look at this fool misspelling Bret Hitman Hart’s name. Everyone point and laugh at them


Yes he was. That is all.


What am I really wondering is how did you come to that conclusion and what exactly do you mean by “Sleeping with,” like Vince and the goats nap together like my cat and I do or do you mean the other thing?

How did you stumble upon this information? Did you spy on Vince Russo? How did you not go insane within 5 minutes considering Vince Russo is possibly the most obnoxious person to ever exist?

What Shawn Michaels Can Do

Technically, everybody can die. You are stating information that isn’t new. I can die. You, sign holding person, is also capable of dying. Call me when you find out that only Shawn Michaels can deliver Sweet Chin Music.

Incorrect Information on The Undertaker

OHHH! SOOO CLOSE! It wasn’t The Undertaker that was a necrophiliac. IF you recall, it was his brother Kane who was accused of violating his dead girlfriend Katie Vick when he was a teen. That was an actual storyline that happened in 2003. It is probably the most infamous storyline in WWE history that fans try really hard to forget.

Weird Sign

Yes, we know, random dude DMing a lady on the internet.


That person is here to “Work in Progress Austin Ass”…. WHATEVER YOU SAY MY FRIEND!

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