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Delusional eBay Video Game Listings

I love the hunt for good deals on video games on the internet. Many blame scalpers and the increased interest in retro games for there not being any more good deals. However, if you are savvy enough, you can still find a good deal. However, some of these sales listings online, especially on eBay, make me think “Well, this person is extremely optimistic.” I mean, what are they thinking?

Here are some of the listings I couldn’t believe when I saw them.

NBA Live 95 Sealed for 1K

Pro: It is a 25 year old game.
Pro: It is sealed
Con: It is an annual sports game
Con: It is also pretty damn common.

$1000 just seems a tad high, doesn’t it? Granted, it was one of my favorite Sports games from that gen, but honestly, who would be enthusiastic enough about this game to buy it for flipping 1000?

Sonic the Hedgehog for 4k

You know Sonic the Hedgehog? The single most common game for Sega Genesis? The one that was packed in with the launch console? How would you love to pay 4000 for it?

To boot, it is one of them fancy “graded games,” which is essentially an excuse to mark up the value or rather “value.”

Having said that, I don’t care what planet you are from, Sonic the Hedgehog is simply not worth $4000. While it is a great game that established the Sega brand in the 1990s, it is a game you can get at any used electronics store, sometimes even complete in the box in great condition. Give me a break!

8 PS4 Games for 1k?

These games new in the box and sealed don’t even add up to 1000, let alone used. This is including one game with “a couple of light scratches.” They are common games, most of them are older annual Sports games. Not to mention that Singstar doesn’t even come with a freaking microphone!

Barnyard: The Original Party Animals for Nintendo Wii is HOW MUCH?

Do you remember the 2006 children’s film Barnyard: The Original Party Animals? Believe it or not, I do, but that was because everything about it was awful.

Well, now for a meager 1400 you can get a used (but complete) copy of the Nintendo Wii game based on that very movie! You know, a game going for $48 new with Amazon Prime? You can even get it used (which may or may not be complete) for $4 at Gamestop or Amazon.

Still not convinced on this amazing deal? Then watch this person play the game for 8 hours (!!!) straight on YouTube.

And there you have it for this edition. I will be on the prowl for more amazing eBay steals like this one, and if you find one, @ GeekWithThat on social media or email me at

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