From the Web,  GWT Listings Are Wild

Recently, a shopping website has burst onto the scene in a big way. I am talking about They have a lot of generic or knockoff products for very low prices.

I only know this because on my Facebook and Twitter, they keep showing me bizarre targeted ads. Since I can’t seem to make them disappear, I thought instead I would just show you my favorite weird ones.

Tag Me?

Okay, let us get this straight, if you are my friend, don’t tag me in a creepy sex doll. I don’t care what tells you.

However, I’ve been told that $30 is a steal for one of things. I wouldn’t and you couldn’t get me near one even if I was single. Also, why Wish? WHYYY???!

It is a Mystery

Is this a bag of mints? Perhaps it is a bag of Vicodin? Either way, this is a party in a bag for only 1 dollar! Go ahead, take your chances!

Cheap Gold

Wow, an 18K gold necklace for only $2?

No, I Can Not

I’m sorry, what exactly are we selling here? 2 completely different shirtless men for only two dollars? I mean, I got some work I need done around my home, can they redo my roof for only $2? That is a steal, even if they aren’t wearing appropriate clothing for the job.

And what do you mean “Yes You Can.” Can I what? Take a shirtless selfie? I mean, I guess technically I could, but do I want to? NOPE.


OHHH! SO THAT IS WHAT you are supposed to do with the female chest! NOW I GET IT!

I mean, it is a creative idea for a shirt advertisement, I will give you that.

What are we selling here?

Next time you need to rob a place, you can buy this mask and go as dollar store Pitbull the Rapper. Instead of Mr Worldwide you would be Mr. Regional Vice President while robbing that liquor store for its dozens of dollars.

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