5 Crazy Music Videos That’ll Break Your Brain

All eras have produced some crazy music videos. Most people look back on the 1980s but really its been going on for a long time. Now with YouTube being the home to thousands upon thousands of artists (maybe millions?), a really weird music video will stand out.

Today I cover just 5 from all eras of crazy music videos.

1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – Don’t Come Around Here No More

First, one from my childhood, is this bizarre take on Alice in Wonderland. Note, I said “bizarre take on Alice in Wonderland” as if Alice wasn’t already weird enough. Who knew Tom Petty had one of the crazy music videos?

This thing used to give me nightmares as a child. I think I might be exaggerating, but really, I also don’t think I am. Seriously, this was me when I was a kid every time I after I saw it…

R.I.P Tom Petty you legend you!

2. Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

I remember seeing this video in the 1990s and immediately had many questions. It sure is interesting…

Is it scary? Is it funny? What does it mean? Is Aphex Twin daddy? And what kind of daddy? Like a “who’s your daddy?” in the kink thing the kids are into these days or is he saying daddy like in a paternal figure? I don’t understand. I’m not sure I want to.

3. The Avalanches – “Frontier Psychiatrist”

Well this seriously messed with my brain. WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!

The Avalanches are an electronic music group from Australia. Australia, you are really raising the bar here for craziness. Good on you!

4. David Hasselhoff – Hooked on a Feeling

Yes! David Hasselhoff again! He really is the gift that keeps on giving. Now, I don’t want to disappoint anyone who watched this video, but he is in front of a green screen and not really doing those things. I know! The magic of technology people!

I just can’t believe Hasselhoff put his golden voice to such a classic. Doesn’t it make you wanna do this?

5. Major Lazer – Bubble Butt

Okay, this one is a lot racier and possibly not safe for work (NSFW) but I assure you, it is freaking bizarre. Seriously, what is going on here?! This seems very 1980s with the bizarre imagery, but I assure it was made in this decade.

I can’t explain the plot of this video or what I’m seeing without ending up having my sanity questioned. We will just say this was my reaction…

BONUS – *Least* of Crazy Video Based Solely on Song Title to Video Content Ratio – Not Crazy Music Video

Incidentally, the least crazy music video is “Crazy” by Aerosmith. It does not live up to the song title name. Damn, the 1990s were really a let down for older bands…

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