Cheetos Kind of Shaped Like Things For Sale

“You can buy anything on the internet” takes on a whole new meaning today when I recently discovered that people sell Cheetos, you know, the delicious snack, shapes liked things. Not only do they try to sell these Cheetos, but the prices are astronomical. This lovely idea was brought handed over to me by retrogamingdev.

Also, I must say, that occasionally, the term “looks like” or “shaped like” is used very loosely in some cases.


So, is this a saxophone? To me, I see almost more of a seahorse… or you know, just a freaking Cheeto. Yeah, that is really what I say. But you know what, this person is going to cut you a deal as he has taken 100 dollars off the asking price. Only 900 dollars for something that sort of resembles a Saxophone.

Also…saxamaphone …

Not Even Remotely Elvis Presley

I’m sorry, that is not Elvis. You are just an asshole trying to overprice a 3 dollar snack.

Come on man, you are just selling a Cheeto. Nobody, and I repeat nobody is going to buy just the leg of Spongebob.

That is unless they’ve been staring too long at this gif…

You know what, I think it is a rabbit hole I’d rather not dive down. the internet traumatizes me enough on a daily basis.

Sperm Whale for 5K

Wow, for $5k you can get a Cheeto that looks like a sperm whale, or you can put a down payment on a brand new car. The choice is yours, my friends.

Honestly, the biggest kick here is that this jerk is still charging you $3.75 for shipping. NO DEAL!

And speaking of sperm…

This is What You Came For

Oh a Cheeto shaped like male genitals being sold on eBay is RARE, you say?

Here you have the Peter North cheeto on sale… (Ron Jeremy for you Baby Boomers reading this)

As you can see here, we also have “growers, not showers” on sale on eBay…

It might look strange, but I hear that the curveness helps, or at least that is what “they” say.

Yeah as you can see, they are not entirely rare.

Not to mention, just take a look at this last one…

Now I’m not a Urologist by any stretch any of the imagination. However, I think that this guy probably needs to seek the expert opinion of one if that’s what his junk looks like. That’s all I’m saying.

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