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5 Poor Video Game Tattoo Choices

Some might say that the human body is a temple, and you must decorate it. Sure, one way is with tattoos. I personally see nothing wrong with one or many tattoos. Just know that that if they are permanent, think of the message you are going to send to people for the rest of your life when you get one is all I’m saying. Some cringe at video game tattoos in general. That isn’t me. I think that’s awesome. However…

Thus, here are some very poor video game tattoo choices….

Speaking of Sending the Wrong Message

Fallout is one of my favorite video games and I think it would be cool to get a Vault Boy tattoo. However…

Seriously, why?!

I mean, I don’t think I need to explain why having a Baby Killer tattoo IS a bad idea.

Hardcore Gamer

Hmmmm…. it is a “prison style” tattoo with Xbox Live as the words?

You should always probably avoid anything that is classified as “Prison style” let alone tattooing the words Xbox Live, which one day maybe 40 years from now may be a relic. It would be a weird thing explaining that one to young people that you would go on there and shout at strangers about relations with their mothers while tea bagging them.

This is Just a Major Bummer

Well, this is just a sad tattoo in general. Sure the Super Mario Bros 3 sprites are pretty cool looking, but why would you get “Game Over?” Sheesh, way to be depressing my friend.

Just a Quick Fact Check

Hey, don’t get me wrong, this would be a clever and awesome tattoo, especially as big of a Street Fighter fan. I hate to be the guy to “Actually…” I always do.

You see just the problem here is that this is NOT the button combination for the Shoryuken (Forward, Down, Down Forward Punch). Seems like a quick Google could have corrected this very painful error. Almost anyone who has ever played Street Fighter will spot this immediately which you have to spend a lifetime going “Well, yeah, I’m a dumbass.”

An Interesting Mantra

The expression “Bros Before Hoes” at least says a message to the effect of “Don’t let a new romantic interest come between long time friends.” It also rolls off the tongue, and it also at least freaking rhymes. Despite the disparaging label of ladies.

I can guarantee you, though, if you have this tattoo, this is not going to be a problem for you. This is even with potential romantic interests that like Nintendo. I am willing to start a gofundme for this person to get their tattoo covered with some bad tribal art. That’s at least a socially acceptable questionable tattoo decision.

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