5 Totally Awesome Album Covers

Let us face it, music is great. Especially getting the physical work (particularly the vinyl record). You got the best sound, the mesmorizing spinning record, the liners, the booklets, and of course, the album art. Now, of course, not all album covers are created equal. In fact, you can find many of today’s album arts on several “Worst” lists. I beg to differ, these are underappreciated for the awesomeness that they totally bring. Here is 5 Totally Awesome Album Covers.

1. Don’t Hassel the Hoff… he’s just a night rockin!

Oh… my… god… how did I go my entire 36 year old life and never see this magnificent display of awesomeness. Come on, you have The Icon, Mr. David Hasselhoff, rocking out like he’s Angus Young of AC/DC, on a vehicle in rain, in the night. (Hence the name “Night Rocker.”)

Even though the music itself on the album is totally awful (it really really is, oh my goodness) I would acquire this LP just for this display of awesomeness. I talked to a friend and he said you gotta put this on a shirt right away, Mr. Hasselhoff. We both would rock it.

Now my guitarist friend said this: “A few things from a guitar player: one, the way he’s holding his right hand is international guitarist language for “I don’t know how to play.” Two, he’s making a C chord. On a heavy metal style guitar. What’s he going to do with that, sing us a folk song? And why would any rocker post-1965 be strumming an open C chord? Diagnosis – that’s all he knows how to do.

Bro…but the majestic nature of this! It IS SO DAMN MAJESTIC!

Purchase the album here.

2. Devastates!

A lot of people on the interwebs take their shot at this awesome album cover. However, I immediately see greatness from Devastatin Dave. I assume, he devastates or something. Hey, you can’t hate on a man who claims that he slaves to the turntable.

And look at this style choice. I wish I could pull off leather pants and a pinstripped vest with $3 dollar sunglasses. Plus those gloves show you he’s tough. And look at those triceps he built up… assuming from all his slaving over turntables.

3. Well, I request some awesomeness…

This also appears on many worst lists? But why? I think it is jealousy. Ken is sporting an amazing mustache and amazing 70s fashion choices here. So it is “by request only?” Well, then I request some more awesomeness from you, Ken. And you know he is the real deal when he only has one name. I mean all of the great musicians have only one name. You got Sting, Madonna, Cher, Adele, and Ken all in the same category people!

4. No Title Can Do This Justice

Some look at this and say “Wow, that is bad. Like really bad.” I look at this and say “Dude, its the legendary David Crosby pensively looking over a sunset… and he can’t remember his name.”

I relate, I can’t remember little stuff like that too. In fact, recent studies show that not remembering trivial things is a sign your brain is working. (And probably has nothing to do with the amount of hallucinogens this individual did in the 60s).

He is blessing upon us with his gaze, oh David Crosby. May, you, Stills, Nash, and occasionally Young bring upon us blessings, joy, and making sure no one harshes our mellow.

5. Other bands play, Manowar Kills!

This album cover is amazing. No need to be hating on this. This is simply 4 bros dressed as Conan the Barbarian with swords. What is the big deal people? Take this and add some tequila and bad decisions, and this is a normal Saturday night for me.

Haven’t heard of Manowar? Oh my goodness, sit back and enjoy the ride because Manowar is on a whole level of awesomeness. I mean their guitarist is named Ross the Boss. They have such great lyrics as “Other bands play, Manowar kills!” And they gave birth to this awesome music video:

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