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Dreamcast: Games You Need In Your Library

The Sega Dreamcast was a video game console that many argue it was ahead of its time. The Dreamcast was definitely widely underappreciated. It has been almost 20 years since its release and the game library has held held up rather well.

I took to Twitter and asked everyone what is the one Dreamcast game that every one’s Dreamcast collection should have.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

For me, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is the quintessential Dreamcast game. While the game was also released for PS2, Xbox, and later digitally on Xbox 360 and PS3, the best version of this game still has to be the Sega Dreamcast version.

The fighting mechanics are great. It is 3 on 3 tag team survival fighting. You can use your team to pull off ludicrous complex combos against your opponent. The graphics still hold up as some of the best in the genre.

Some of the other charm in the game is the really bizarre jazz soundtrack. It doesn’t necessarily fit the the standard fighting game genre soundtrack, yet it is perhaps the most memorable soundtrack of that genre outside of Street Fighter 2.

Power Stone

Power Stone is just one of those games that you honestly can’t believe a company like Capcom has not capitalized more on. There were 2 games for the Sega Dreamcast, and then they were rereleased on the PSP. This game comes up in almost every Dreamcast discussion and goes for a pretty penny too on the second hand market.

So I can not comprehend why A. Capcom doesn’t remaster this game series for modern consoles and Steam. and B. Make a 3rd game in the series.

The gameplay is a crazy amount of fun if you never played it. It is a twist on the fighting game genre with some pure 3D insanity.


Shenmue was so groundbreaking at the time of its release. Basically one of the first sandbox games and was initially developed as a Virtua Fighter RPG of sorts.

Sure the voice acting is really awkward and the game’s plot is mega cheeseball all around. However, I like to argue that is the charm of the game Shenmue.

I am so excited that they not only re released the first two games in a collection, but they also are working on releasing the 3rd game!

As we wait for the release of Shenmue III, enjoy this 5 minute compilation of Ryu looking for some rowdy sailors in the meantime. This has to be in the 3rd one.

Jet Grind Radio

Now here is a game from Sega that is puzzling we have only seen 2 entries in the franchise. Sure, the fashion might be a bit dated but are you meaning to tell me that Sega can’t figure out a clever way to adopt the amazing gameplay and formula of the Jet Set/Jet Grind series for something palpable for 2019 (as we head into the 2020s)?

The game involves spraying graffiti and doing amazing tricks on roller skates. It was certainly a great twist on the popular Extreme Sports game genre of the time.

Soul Calibur

Here is a game that still stands the test of time, and the game series is still (sort of) thriving today with its 6th entry released earlier this year. Soul Calibur is still one of the greatest fighting game franchises with absolutely breathtaking graphics (that still hold up) and great weapon based combat gameplay.

The original Soul Calibur, in my opinion, is still the best Soul Calibur game in the series. I can recall hours upon hours of my friends and I playing through this game.

From the epic announcer, the memorable and varied character lineup, and excellent gameplay, Soul Calibur still remains the must have game on the Dreamcast. Thankfully, it is also available digitally for Xbox 360 (Backwards Compatible on Xbox One) and PS3 as well.

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