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Drive-In Intermission Videos: They Had Weird Advertising Ideas

When I was around 4 to 6 years old, my parents took me to the drive in theater. I remember seeing such movies as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Tim Burton’s version of Batman. Then, the local one shut down.

I recently found out that there are still drive in theaters in the nation. One of them was about an hour away from me. They had 80s night at the drive in with Dirty Dancing and Labyrinth. My wife and I packed up to go to Harvest Moon Drive In Theater in Gibson City, IL. At one point, they had old school drive in intermission videos. It was interesting and I am glad they did. But, man, the 50s and 60s had some weird marketing ideas for how to get you to eat a hot dog. Which is what I am showcasing today.

Taking the stage at the drive-in intermission

Okay, the drive-in intermission video starts off interesting.

drive-in intermission

It is a hot dog getting dressed up for the night out. It is ready to go on the stage and perform. It puts on some mustard and relish. Then it puts on a bun as if its a coat.

“Oh, how adorable is this?” I asked myself as I watched the hot dog just live a happy life as some sort of performer.


WHAT THE HELL?! Is Timmy going to eat that hot dog?! COME ON MAN! That Hot Dog had a life. He was a stage performer. He probably even had a name, possibly Frank. Why Timmy?! WHY?!?!?!?!

Seriously, old timey advertising people… what the fuck?!

It gets worse…

This hot dog is freaking talking. You know exactly where this thing is going.

For some reason, it is cooking itself and putting on all of the garnishes on itself. Then it jumps into a bun. Oh yeah, it has a child’s voice! AHHH! Freaking why?!

I’m sorry, I prefer that my food don’t talk to me. I’m sure this commercial has made someone a vegetarian or vegan, just saying is all.

Damn, this is is DARK.

Finally, something awesome…

Okay, I have to admit, I actually liked this one. It is catchy as hell. They are right, Dr. Pepper is the doctor of tasty treats.

Here is me dancing to this kick ass song…


The Phallic Imagery continues

Chilly dilly BAY-BEE! He’s the personality pickle served cold in a sack for you to savor! What a crazy drive-in intermission video this was.

“Cold in a sack.” Perfect phrase to describe a pickle. Bad phrase to describe sex.

By watching this ad, I came to the conclusion that the 1950s and 60s were big on phallic imagery, and not very subtle at doing that either. Glad to see nothing has really changed 60 or so years later.

The awesomeness is that that the drive-in had giant pickles. The giant pickles looked too big to put in my mouth…


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