More Craigslist Listings That Raise More Questions Than Answers November 2019

It has been 10 months since I did my last batch of Craigslist listings (Warning: That one NSFW). Suffice to say, not much has changed in the land of internet classified ads. There is still some bizarre stuff (and great stuff).

Here is another round of listings, and hey, this one is Safe For Work!

Have a Banana!

For all of your stuffed banana needs, here is a four foot long banana someone won at a Carnival. You know you can’t pass up quality junk like that! Have this piece of history take up space in your home so this person doesn’t have to!

Perfect to Wear for Bar Mitzvahs and Weddings

“How on Earth did this guy get a Chicken Suit and why is it for sale?” is not the type of question you should be asking here. Instead, you should say “Only $30 for a chicken suit? SOLD!” I mean it has a large foam head too. The perfect outfit to wear anywhere.

BARTER #1 Crab Trap

Ohhh! Love a good barter! Let us see what kind of gems I could walk away with!

Hey, for those with a collection of quality classic rock records, why would you want to keep those when you can get this large ass crab trap for trapping crabs. And it has never been used too! That’s flipping righteous right there! Come on, you know you don’t want that priceless Sgt Peppers LP when you could have something to trap crabs in!

Barter #2 – Going to Call the FBI on this Guy

Okay, this one has me utterly confused. Who would A. Want 50 political bipartisan pins? B. Also just has a male mannequin lying around. I feel like I’ve walked into some bizarre madness. This needs to be made into a movie that follows the journey of a person collecting 50 political pins, then turns around and goes “Hey, I’d rather have a male mannequin for undisclosed reasons!”

I’d honestly feel I would just walk into this person’s house and be like…

italian spiderman film GIF

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