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Comic Book Panels Out of Context Returns

It has been TEN months since I’ve looked on the internet for isolated comic book panels that leave us with more questions than answers. Basically, everything, taken out of context.


Man, as if Sonic the Hedgehog wasn’t already lowkey weird enough, we throw this panel into the mix. Don’t go to, is all I’m saying.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

When Taco Bell gets your order wrong, just follow Batman’s logic here…


I feel like I’ve seen the adaptation of this comic in movie before, but it was on the deep end of the internet.

Get Em Tiger

Sure, we have just a Tiger Boy…. but where is a Tiger MAN?

Yes, Jughead

…and Archie, what is exactly wrong with Jughead?! He’s a great dude and will keep you filled with Cheeseburgers.

God Dammit Stubby

Walking in on Stubby like…


You see, this cat gets it.

Alrighty Then

Nobody is judging you Janet. We are almost in 2020 and it appears we live in the era of the “Free Spirits” so go for it.

He Needs It

Some people go through life not knowing if they get to see the D. Then some people can’t post a selfie of themselves on the internet without being FLOODED with the D. I feel like we need to take over and control the distribution of the D at this point.

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