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Memories of Shining Force

So the year was 1995. For Christmas that year my mother had given both my brother and I the gift of the Sega Channel. Sega Channel was 50 games on demand that you could download and play unlimited. The games would rotate out each month. Think of it as similar to Xbox Game Pass or Playstation NOW subscription services.

My Introduction to RPGs

One game that had caught my eye was a game I hadn’t heard of before, Shining Force. I have no idea why it captured me in, but it did. Was it the music earworming into my brain? The characters? The rather odd dialog due to translation issues?

To be fair, the only Role Play Games I had really ever played until that point was the original Legend of Zelda and the first Final Fantasy. So this was all basically new to me.

The Tactical Role Playing Game

The battle system really intrigued me. I was learning Chess at the time from my weekends at my dad’s, so this reminded me a bit of Chess. The placement of your characters and the moves they could make mattered. If you made one wrong placement with your character, it could have dire consequences.

Also, here was a crazy side effect of the Sega Channel. It only had room to save one game. So you could not start another game or it would erase that save. Thankfully, my mom and brother were patient with me while I spent day and night working through this game.

The Final Battle

*WARNING: Potential Shining Force Spoilers Ahead*

In the final battle in the game I had gotten to was a morning before I had to catch the bus to school. It was a brutal battle between the Shining Force and Dark Dragon. I was nearly dead with one final blow was struck…

And then, I was paid off with the ending. Believe me, I was shocked as hell. My mom was watching the ending too. I looked at her and she goes “He becomes a martyr!” That was the first time I learned what that word meant.

It was just brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Need More Shining Force

I had later played Shining Force II also on the Sega Channel and Shining Force CD through emulator. I was equally engrossed through those. So now with my fun Twitch channel, I never really had the chance to play some of the other Shining games, namely Shining Force III. So now on Twitch I plan on hopefully amending that. Follow myself and my wife as I venture forth into this game.

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