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They Exist: The CageFest Rejects

On this blog’s Twitter for I run what is called “#CageFest.” I do the fabled Twitter tradition of Follow Fridays with Nicolas Cage face morphs of characters, people, etc, morphed. I run several of these a week. Sometimes I even do ones by request. However, not all have made the cut for one reason or another. I thought “Hey, that might make a good blog.”

So here we go with the CageFest rejects.

The Kid From Troll 2

“They’re eating her, and then they are going to eat me……OHHHH MYYYYY GAAAWWWWWDDD!”

Troll 2 is my favorite “Best Worst Movie Ever.” However, I know it only has a cult like following so I cut this at the last minute.

George Clooney

I think George Clooney would be proper nightmare fuel considering many consider him a hunka hunka burning love. However, no matter what pic I used, I could never get the morph to go far enough in the direction I wanted. Oh well..

Deadman from Death Stranding

Does Hideo Kojima not know how names work?

Anyway, I thought a supporting character in a divisive game wouldn’t resonate highly audiences so I cut him. Now he is here for you to gasp in his glory.

Uma Thurman from Kill Bill

I think I ended up using a different Uma Thurman image. This one I wasn’t happy with.

James Dean

“You’re tearing me apart!”

I really wanted to do some vintage actors but I was on the fence about James Dean.

Pierce Brosnan in his Colonel Sanders Form

This kind of worked the same way as George Clooney. Nicolas Cage facemorphs and strapping older handsome men just doesn’t work the way I want it to, unfortunately.

Jesus Christ

“Ehhh… too sacrilegious and edgy for my brand.” – Richie “The Geek” Jackson, 2020.

In Conclusion

CageFest will continue and I will save the rejects for your pleasure!

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