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Hovership Havoc – Roguelite Twin Stick Shooter

Originally released for Steam PC, Hovership Havoc was recently brought over to Xbox One. It is described as “a twin stick shooter with 3rd person boss battles. Traverse through randomly generated rooms of a futuristic factory destroying robot enemies. Upgrade your hovership and obtain randomly dropped abilities that can strengthen your chances to survive through the entire factory. “


The majority of Hovership Havoc is played as a twin stick shooter much like classics in the genre such as Geometry Wars. However, the levels and enemies are randomly generated. It has roguelite elements in that when you die, you keep your character’s progress, but start the game right from the beginning.

About my only criticism for this is that while the levels are randomly generated, at times, the experience doesn’t feel too much different.

While most of the game is a Top Down Twin Shooter, the boss battles are from a 3rd person perspective. While this is a tad disorientating to change perspectives like this on the player, the controls still work very well for this. The boss battles can present some frustrations. Though, when you finally defeat one; it definitely feels like you have made a serious accomplishment.

The game is very rewarding. For those who are Xbox Achievement Hunters still, the achievements are challenging but very rewarding.


The audio is about what I was expecting when I loaded up the game. No risks were really taken, but the audio definitely does an adequate job. I personally found the sound and music all worked rather well given the genre of the game.


The visuals I feel neither excel or disappoint. I would have liked to have seen more vibrant colors and some more variety in the design. However, there is nothing that I feel does a poor job. I also want to point out that my eyes never lost track of my character in this twin stick shooter, which I feel is always a major accomplishment for this genre.

Overall Recommendation for Hovership Havoc

Solid Recommendation. Do you like Twin Stick Shooters? Would you like something with a slightly different experience each time through? Then this is the game for you. At $9.99 you will have a solid and an overall fun experience trying to level up your ship to get through the whole game.

You can get it today on Xbox One and Steam.

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