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Super Mario Multiverse – Yoshi’s Cookie

March 10 may seem like an innocuous day for some, but for Nintendo gamers it is Mario Day or Mar10. 

For this fun day I want to take you back. The year is 1992. I am at my relatives’ house for the holidays and I know I’m going to be absolutely bored out of my mind. I go into my cousin’s room to hang out and low and behold, he has a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and just received a brand new copy of Yoshi’s Cookie.

“What’s Yoshi’s Cookie?” I asked him. 

Having heard of Yoshi from Super Mario World. I was intrigued. Could it be a solo Yoshi game? Could it perhaps be a sequel to the quirky puzzle game Yoshi? The possibilities running through my mind at the time were endless and no matter what, I was excited about it!

My cousin looked over at me, shrugs, and just pops in the game. As soon as he pressed the power switch of the console the screen lit up in all its SNES glory and he says, “This is Yoshi’s Cookie.”

As it turns out it was a puzzle game! Cookies come down from two sides and it is your job to match a row or column. It seems simple enough at first. However, like all great puzzle games, it continues to throw a lot of monkey wrenches into your plans by getting faster and more complex as time goes on.

Throughout that Christmas my cousin and I bonded over every level. Was it the addicting match puzzle game? Perhaps it was those satisfying sound effects when you successfully lined up your cookies. You know, maybe it was even the music that was more than an ear worm, to say the least. 

Whatever it was, I will never forget nor take for granted the wonderful times I spent with my cousin growing up and playing games such as Yoshi’s Cookie with him.

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