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Long time. No see! It is so great to be back and writing on the blog. What better way to be back than to discuss some of the greatest wrestling merchandise known to man?

There’s Something About Triple H Action Figure

Evidently Triple H picked up some hair styling tips from the classic film There’s Something About Mary. You have to admire the amount of dedication it would take to make your hair stand up like that.

Is this a great action figure? ….Or the greatest action figure?

Sable Yo-Yo

Ahhh… the attitude era was edgy because they had ladies with big cleavage, and the leader was Sable. Buy (checks label) your 3 year old this leather clad, cleavaged out Sable Yo-yo. Seems appropriate. It has lights and sounds too.

Sparkle Gun???

So here is the official WCW…. Sparkle Gun? It shoots little sparks at the end, which sounds like the perfect fire hazard to give to your children, and the perfect item for a wrestling fan? Oh you like wrestling? Here is a Sparkle Gun, an item pictured superstar Lex Luger never used.

George Thurogood and the Dstroyrz Stone Cold Shirt

This Steve Austin shirt makes no sense. Are they trying not to rip off George Thuryogood?

Maybe its Bad to the Bons… llike maybe he’s not very good at making BonBons?

Holiday Cake Bon Bons Recipe -

Hey, we all have our shortcomings Steve, not sure if we need a shirt for it though.

I Love Mine Too

There was a wrestler in the late 90s early 2000s known as Test. May he rest in peace. At one point, someone came up with the idea that Test would start referring to his fans as “Testicles.”

Also hey, there’s nothing wrong with loving your own body, right? EMPOWER PEOPLE!

Brock Lesnar HOLY FUCKING SHIT Costume…

So you designed to buy this “NOPE” costume of Brock Lesnar. Complete with Phallic tattoo on the chest. This seems like a start of a fantastic horror film.

And on THAT note…

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