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A Journey Through The Best of #CageFest

On my Twitter Account I run what is called “#CageFest.” I do the fabled Twitter tradition of Follow Fridays with Nicolas Cage face morphs of characters, people, etc, morphed. I run several of these a week. There’s been some good ones over the past couple of years, and I felt it was time to share some of them that were my personal favorites.

Alvin from the Chipmunks

This one was just pure luck. It is a face morphing software, and it somehow detected a face on Alvin the Chipmunk. This is one of my all time favorites.

Cats The Musical The Movie

Cats the Musical was released in December 2019, and quite frankly, the world turned to shit afterwards. Around the time the film was released I received many requests for Cats facemorphs (okay, I lied, maybe 2 requests). It had to be done, right?

Judge Doom

This one I’m proud of. Its not perfect by any means but Who Framed Roger Rabbit was one of my favorite films and the end scene where “I TALK JUST LIKE THIS” still gives me chills as an almost 37 year old man.

Old School Lara Croft

Yeah I started doing ladies. I was hesitant at first but they have been well received although many dudes seem to get horny on them. Which I don’t know how I feel about an artwork I created giving dudes erections. It is a bit weird and certainly makes me think introspectively. However, the results you can’t deny, such as this one of Nicolas Cage as Lara Croft.

Lollipop Guild

Wizard of Oz is a film that gives me the creeps. And they show it to kids like every year. It is a horror movie, including the little people dressed up as children called the Lollipop Guild. WTF.

Mount Rushmore

Honest, if we insist that Mount Rushmore should still exist, then Nicolas Cage belongs on Mount Rushmore more than Teddy fn Roosevelt. That’s your hot take for this blog.

Han Solo in Carbonite

You might say Han Solo was CAGED in Carbonite. Hardy har har! What a pun. I’m such a clown.

And on THAT note…

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