6 More “What Fresh Hell is This?” Album Covers

I remember the days of buying an album at the store. You open that package, take in the fresh smell, and gaze at the beautiful art on the cover. Nowadays it is mostly all streaming. I don’t necessarily mind it at all. Let us face it. Who doesn’t love to be able to listen to “All the music” at any time they want? Going back to those days of buying individual albums, there are some weird album covers. Some that make you say “What on earth happened here?”

That’s where this blog comes in, to show you the weird and wonderful.

Heene Boyz – “Fingered It Out”

Before we even get to the album cover itself, let us address this album title with just one Gif for your pleasure…

Seriously though, these guys couldn’t think of a worse possible name for this album?

Honestly, though, for the album cover, I certainly hope they didn’t pay a graphic designer for this. Woah!

Now now, what I will do here in this column is say “You can’t judge a book by its cover” and let you be the judge of the music itself.

Boned – “Up At the Crack”

Hell yeah. Who doesn’t love bizarre phallic imagery? Let us say you’re one of those people that likes to strum theirs like a guitar? Well this is the album for you!

Let us give them a chance, shall we?

Iron Maiden – “Dance of Death”

Iron Maiden has a lot of great album covers over the years. They are known for incorporating their mascot Eddie on them and it usually comes with amazing results. This unfortunately isn’t one of them. This looks like it was made in Poser in a few seconds.

Having said that, “Dance of Death” is personally one of my favorite Iron Maiden albums. A top 5 Iron Maiden album for sure. Definitely don’t judge a book by its cover!

Therion – “Theli”

No this isn’t 1995 and you haven’t popped in a CD-Rom Point and Click game into your computer. this was an actual album cover from 1996. Sadly it didn’t make it to the PS1 (I’m kidding! I’m kidding!)

All jokes aside, I like Therion. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea but give them a chance.

Adema – “Topple the Giants”

Yes even Nu Metal isn’t safe from the bizarre WTFery album covers. Nu Metal legends (?) Adema sure took the assignment a little too literally here.

Having said that, the music is pretty damn good, in my opinion.

Metalucifer – “Heavy Metal Chainsaw”

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you perfection in an album cover. Hell mother flipping yeah people! I love this stuff. The dude looks like maybe he needs some more fiber in his diet, and he’s wielding a chainsaw IN HELL. How any more awesome can you get than this?

Now, this is another band I haven’t heard before. Let us see if it matches up to this pure awesomeness.

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