7 Comic Panels that Are Absolute Bonkers

Welcome to a comic book listicle. Last time we covered Comic Book Covers. We also covered a WWE Comic in the past that you should definitely check out. In this listicle, we cover some comic panels that are just bonkers. Granted, most of these have no context (which helps). In some cases, I’m not sure context would make things better. Truth Hey! I use that explanation sometimes but usually not for this reason…   Misinterpretation I’m pretty sure this is not what the lady meant when she asked him to pork her…   Another One of the Golden Archie Comic Panels Archie Comics have certainly had some moments. In this one, I honestly don’t want to know what the hell… Continue reading 7 Comic Panels that Are Absolute Bonkers

WWE Comic Books Are Kind of Amazing

This is my first comic book review. I am a long time professional wrestling fan. I recently went to see WWE Backlash and NXT Chicago which I covered here. The other day, I went to my local comic book shop, Zeek’s (if you’re in Central Illinois, check them out!) and asked the owner for some recommendations. He recommended some WWE Comic Books as one of his many excellent suggestions. So he showed me a copy of WWE #8, which features one of my favorite WWE performers on the cover, Dean Ambrose. He is a fellow wrestling fan. There are sort of two different levels of being a wrestling fan. One is, you watch it as a competitive sport and buy… Continue reading WWE Comic Books Are Kind of Amazing

6 Comic Book Covers That Will Give You a Spit Take

Comic books are a highly underrated medium. It is the one art form that I feel gets better as time goes on. However, you can’t deny some of the classics. Especially those crazy comic book covers that were put out in the gold and silver age. Think of it as like clickbait for comic books. Trust me, this will be your reaction after looking at them… Oh yeah, and almost all of the ones featured today are starring a hero who has a reputation for being a bit of a boy scout, Superman. 1. Superman’s Forced Marriage Wow, never mind that Superman is being culturally insensitive. He is also just being a dick to his “best pal” in this cover.… Continue reading 6 Comic Book Covers That Will Give You a Spit Take