The Fifth Season – Audiobook Review

Name: The Fifth Season – Book 1 of the Broken Earth Series. Author: N.K. Jemisin Narrator: Robin Miles Publisher: Hachette Audio Runtime: 15h 27m Genre: Fantasy Summary Welcome to Broken Earth. This earth is a dangerous place to live as natural disasters are commonplace. Earthquakes (the most common), volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, all occur regularly on the one supercontinent in the world known among it’s people as “The Stillness”. The people of the Stillness believe that “Father” Earth hates them and is actively trying to destroy them. The worst of these disasters triggers a ‘season’, a period of near apocolyptic conditions that kill thousands. As the book tells you: “This isn’t the first time the world has ended.” Among the inhabitants… Continue reading The Fifth Season – Audiobook Review

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

Author: Dennis Taylor Narrator: Ray Porter Producer: Audible Studios Runtime: 9h 31m Genre: Science Fiction/Drama Summary Robert Johannson had it all. His software company had just been sold and he was ready to live in the payout. A recent innovation in cryostasis offered people the chance, upon death or serious illness, to be cryogenically frozen until they could be saved. Robert (Bob) happily indulged in the belief that he could live forever. When he was hit by a drunk driver at a convention his investment paid off, both in a way he always dreamed but in a way he could never conceive. He awoke 100 years later as an AI matrix, an artificial intelligence with the memory of Robert Johannson.… Continue reading We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

14 by Peter Clines, Audiobook Review

Author: Peter Clines Narrator: Ray Porter Runtime: 12h 34m Genre: Sci-Fi/Mystery Summary Nate Tucker is at a dead end data entry job and needs a new place to live. He like so many others in LA had dreams of Hollywood life but it didn’t pan out. With roommates moving out Nate needs a place to live and hears about an apartment complex waaaay to cheap for LA. 500 a month, all utilities paid. He moves in with some odd neighbors. Zeela, a waitress/painter who frequently sunbathes naked on the roof. “Veek”, a slim pasty Asian girl who controls the building Wi-Fi and has a very powerful computer system linked to playstations. Roger, a movie grip and Californian surfer guy. Andy,… Continue reading 14 by Peter Clines, Audiobook Review

Leslie Vernon Perfectly Deconstructs the Slasher Film Genre

Welcome to Hidden Gems. In this this blog series, I discuss what I feel are underrated classics. This is whether it is film, movies, music, video games, or any kind of entertainment. In the inaugural edition, I discuss the 2006 slasher mockumentary, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. During my early 20s, I hadwent on a major binge of watching slasher and horror films. I knew the history and all of the classics. Then Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon came along and changed the rules for me. It had topped all slasher films that I had seen. It was both funny and intriguing. Sure, the 1990s classic Scream poked fun at some of the tropes… Continue reading Leslie Vernon Perfectly Deconstructs the Slasher Film Genre