WWE Comic Books Are Kind of Amazing

This is my first comic book review. I am a long time professional wrestling fan. I recently went to see WWE Backlash and NXT Chicago which I covered here. The other day, I went to my local comic book shop, Zeek’s (if you’re in Central Illinois, check them out!) and asked the owner for some recommendations. He recommended some WWE Comic Books as one of his many excellent suggestions. So he showed me a copy of WWE #8, which features one of my favorite WWE performers on the cover, Dean Ambrose. He is a fellow wrestling fan. There are sort of two different levels of being a wrestling fan. One is, you watch it as a competitive sport and buy… Continue reading WWE Comic Books Are Kind of Amazing

WWE Backlash Weekend in Chicago

This past year I have been trying to knock several items off of my bucket list. Why? The world is crazy right now. I decided to not live in fear. I won’t let fear guide me. So I have been living this year to the fullest. This is despite the social and political climate in society. Recently, I was able to attend WWE Backlash 2017 and NXT Takeover: Chicago in one weekend. I’ve always been a wrestling fan. People don’t understand “since it is fake.” I will say this. I watch it as a performance art and not as a competitive sport. If you watch some Olympic sports like Gymnastics or Figure Skating, you will understand then how I watch… Continue reading WWE Backlash Weekend in Chicago