6 More “What Fresh Hell is This?” Album Covers

I remember the days of buying an album at the store. You open that package, take in the fresh smell, and gaze at the beautiful art on the cover. Nowadays it is mostly all streaming. I don’t necessarily mind it at all. Let us face it. Who doesn’t love to be able to listen to “All the music” at any time they want? Going back to those days of buying individual albums, there are some weird album covers. Some that make you say “What on earth happened here?” That’s where this blog comes in, to show you the weird and wonderful. Heene Boyz – “Fingered It Out” Before we even get to the album cover itself, let us address this… Continue reading 6 More “What Fresh Hell is This?” Album Covers

5 Totally Awesome Album Covers

Let us face it, music is great. Especially getting the physical work (particularly the vinyl record). You got the best sound, the mesmorizing spinning record, the liners, the booklets, and of course, the album art. Now, of course, not all album covers are created equal. In fact, you can find many of today’s album arts on several “Worst” lists. I beg to differ, these are underappreciated for the awesomeness that they totally bring. Here is 5 Totally Awesome Album Covers. 1. Don’t Hassel the Hoff… he’s just a night rockin! Oh… my… god… how did I go my entire 36 year old life and never see this magnificent display of awesomeness. Come on, you have The Icon, Mr. David Hasselhoff,… Continue reading 5 Totally Awesome Album Covers

5 Album Covers That Make You Go “What Fresh Hell is This?”

I wanted to cover some album covers that people say are terrible, but I think are awesome, like last time. However, I went down a rabbit hole on the internet, folks. I found some album covers that I’m not going to say are terrible. However, they did elicit a “What’s this?” Yes, I’m basically Jack Skellington. I see something odd, and I have to investigate. Of course, I immediately regret the decision as the more appropriate reaction for these album covers is “What fresh hell is this?!” Beverly Massegee – “Amen!” Here is Beverly having a tender romantic moment with Erick, her ventriloquist dummy. If her first career as a musician doesn’t work out I think she has a chance… Continue reading 5 Album Covers That Make You Go “What Fresh Hell is This?”