Check out Cosplayer and Artist HarleyTheSirenxoxo

It was recently brought to my attention by Mrs Eston about the cosplayer, HarleyTheSirenXOXO. We think she’s great. Here is her Black Cat… She has digital sets for sale and they are great. If you want to support her, that is a solid way. From her Deviantart page. “I’m just your average nerdy gal who loves to cosplay. In my spare time I’m a college student getting my Master’s degree.” She is a psychology major and art minor. She goes on to say.. “I have a major obsession with comics (mostly my beloved Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn). I’m also a massive fan of various Anime, movies, cartoons, and video games.” Wouldn’t have guessed the Harley Quinn obsession! 😉  … Continue reading Check out Cosplayer and Artist HarleyTheSirenxoxo